XADO Revitalizant for Barrels of Rifled Arms

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Designed for restoring repair and wear protection of barrels of rifled arms of any type.
The gel-revitalizant restores the geometry of the barrel bore.
As a result you get a high accuracy arm with extended resource.

Technical info

The treatment consists of three steps. Use the gel of the appropriate colour for each step!

  • Step 1 (10 shots):
  • Use a rifle brush to apply red gel to the inner barrel surface.
  • Apply the gel to the bullet surface protruding out of the cartridge.
  • Shoot once.
  • Repeat items 1 and 2 and fire again no less than nine times.
  • Step 2 (10 shots):
  • Treat the barrel bore and the bullet with the yellow gel and fire no less than ten times.
  • Step 3 (10 shots):
  • Apply green gel and fire no less than ten times.


  • Treat new barrels with the green gel making 10 shots.
  • For preventive maintenance of restored barrels it is recommended to treat the barrels with the green gel making ten shots once a year or with the same gel making ten shots after every 1000 shots.


Test results of “Rzhevka” fire-arms
It is natural that the specialists seized the unique opportunity to improve the accuracy of shots. The certified testing laboratory “Rzhevka”, department 33491, together with the editors of the magazine “Kalashnikov. Weapon. Ammunition. Arming” tested XADO-revitalizants. The effect of the revitalizant was examined on different arms: new and worn-out, chrome and non-chrome barrels.
In order to avoid distinct errors of aiming point during testing only one highly skilled rifleman was chosen to perform shooting. The shooting of each arm lasted one day (except shootings carried out after XADO treatment in three months). In order to examine the characteristics of the bullet spreading, the shootings were performed with SVD and “Tigers” with regular optical sights and with SKS, М16А1, КО-38 with mechanical sights on the panel at 100 m distance.
Each time the rifleman made three shooting groups, each group - ten shots. The tests of the SKS resource were performed with 200 shots with a mixture of cartridges: regular and tracer (T-45) bullets in proportion 4:1. The test report: “XADO revitalizant for barrels of rifled arms has high-performance restoring repair properties. It improves the characteristics of bullet spreading by both new and worn-out barrels of hunting rifles”.


  • increases accuracy of hits up to 80% on 100 m target;
  • improves flatness of shots;
  • enhances wear resistance and barrel endurance by 10 times;
  • maximum killing power for the given type of ammunition;
  • reconditions and protects the barrel bore against wear;
  • restores geometry of the barrel bore (complete obturation).
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