How to choose the color of dance shoes?

This article is intended primarily for novice dancers. We believe that this specific moment is already familiar for the dancers with the experience.
If a male color choice of shoes is fairly obvious and does not cause any difficulty, then, for girls it is a bit more difficult. Most often you can hear the following: "I have a red (yellow, blue, etc.), dress, and I've got nothing suitable, combined with it ..."or somethind like "I would like to purchase something universal, black, which underneath all goes well ...."
But in the range of dance shoes for girls, you can often see the skin tones (from light to very dark), black, white, gold and silver. This is a limited choice due to the fact that the dancing shoes easier to pick up, focusing not on the color of the dress, but bazed on the following thesis: "Shoes are an extension of your foot."
Hence the large variety of shoes of "corporal" colors and shades in satin. In such shoes your feet are visually longer and slimmer, and it's very important for the girls - ballroom dancers. And if you have several dresses that you should pick up by each of them a different color shoe will be quite expensive. Therefore, choose the "universal" color.
However, there is still an opportunity to paint the shoes of white satin in various colors, with special dyes, but many do not want this "bother", believing that spending time and money "is not worth it".

About the black shoes. It's is good at training, because of the fore maintainability and practicality. Unfortunately, flesh-colored shoes still enough stamps and using them often enough (or daily), they quickly lost their original appearance and color. Therefore, if you are doing in the clothes of dark colors, it is quite suitable and black shoes, worries and care about them will be much smaller.

However, in the contest,for a black dress, not all, even experienced dancer prefer black shoes under it. After all, black shoes "pull up" leg, and errors become more pronounced.
And yet, the choice is yours. To choose satin, or black, or even to paint your shoes. Anyway "WMeSHOP" will support you, it doesn't matters what you choose -we hope we have all for our customers.