How to choose footwear for dances

With bad footwear and the good dancer will not far promote in art of dance. Try even time to put on professional dancing footwear and you will feel on a parquet absolutely other person. Though, in general, skill at you in time measuring footwear it will not be added.
So, you were solved on purchase of dancing footwear. You go in shop, for example, in submitted on this page, and to your sight impressive enough variety of models appears.
What pair to choose?
First, precisely understand for itself what footwear to you more necessary in total Standard, or Latin-American.
If you are engaged in the European program of ballroom dances are necessary shoes for Standard for you.
For execution of the Latin American program of ballroom dances the dancing footwear for a Latin-American dances better will approach.
It is not necessary to think, that shoes for a Latina perfectly will approach and for the Standard, or in footwear for the Standard it will be convenient for you to execute dances of the Latin American program. It not so in fact each model of footwear is thought specially over and has basic differences.
In shop you as can meet Training dancing footwear, her still name footwear for trainers. It reminds herself man's dancing footwear for Latin-American dances, is convenient enough, steady, "well breathes" and is intended for long employment. You can use footwear for trainers for everyday trainings. But before competition you all the same should dance any time in your footwear for Standard or Latin-American dances.
If you are engaged Hustl the footwear for trainers will be the most convenient, but not in the most beautiful. It will be more preferable to girl to dance in footwear for a Latin-American dances.
Second, the footwear should meet the following requirements:

  • possess a soft sole;
  • slide, but it is not so strong on a parquet (not a rubber sole);
  • not dangle on a leg
  • you it should be comfortable in it.