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XADO 1 Magnum Revitalizant for Diesel Engine
Gel-revitalizant for heavy-loaded diesel engines of trucks. It is designed for restoring repair of an engine and active protection directly during its operation. Innovative next-generation product which combines advantages of the 3rd generation Revitalizant: one-step application, high treatment speed, increase of protecting properties. Advantages restoration and protection against wear of friction surfaces in cylinder-piston group, crank-and-rod and gas-distributing mechanisms creating of effecti..
XADO 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant
XADO 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant for petrol, diesel & LPG engine treatment is an innovative product of the third generation of XADO Revitalizants. It creates new opportunities for protection and reworking of moving units of engine. Longstanding research in Tribology and application of XADO Revitalizants led us to create a new product with optimal dimension and concentration of the activated nanoparticles. Due to newly developed technology of activation nanoparticles 1 Stage Revitalizant allows to act..
XADO 1 Stage Transmission
XADO 1 Stage transmission gel revitalizant is an innovative product of XADO third generation revitalizants designed for restoring repair, antiwear protection and lifetime increase of mechanical transmission units and assemblies of a car: mechanical and robotized gear boxes, transfer cases and differentials. Many years of research in sphere of tribology and XADO revitalizants’ application allowed to create a new product, which has optimal dimensionality and activated revitalizant nanoparticles’ concentrat..

Advantages of XADO 1 STAGE – immediate results (high-speed modification of the surface), universal application and one step treatment.

First advantage. A new perfect formula of the revitalizant allows full restoration (absolute protection) of the engine after 1000 km run and guarantees its reliable protection from wear for 100 000 km. The result of revitalization is perfect parts adjustment and maximum efficiency of the engine.

Second advantage of 1 STAGE revitalizant is its universal application. It can be perfectly used in both gasoline and diesel engines of any configuration and uprating grade. It is a perfect product against engine wear. In used cars it allows to restore and maintain compression, power and economy at the highest level, and in new cars – to adjust parts perfectly to each other and provide maximum operation life.

Third advantage. The process of revitalization is carried out in one step, considerably saving time and making the treatment easy.