XADO 1 Magnum Revitalizant for Diesel Engine


Gel-revitalizant for heavy-loaded diesel engines of trucks. It is designed for restoring repair of an engine and active protection directly during its operation. Innovative next-generation product which combines advantages of the 3rd generation Revitalizan..

Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo)


The coin of is dedicated to Bubo Bubo, a sedentary and migratory bird - the only representative of this species in the fauna of Ukraine. Its prevailing population is concentrated mostly at the western parts of the country. This species is on the endangered..

Swimming (Ag 925)


The coin is dedicated to the 28th Summer Olympic Games held in Athens (Greece) in 2004. Country: Ukraine Release Date: June 27, 2002 Denomination: 10 Hryvnia Material: Silver (Ag 925) Quality: "Proof - Like" Edge: Corrugated Condition: pr..





The coin is dedicated to the 28th Summer Olympic Games held in Athens (Greece) in 2004. Country: Ukraine Release Date: June 27, 2002 Denomination: 2 Hryvnia Material: Copper-Nickel Quality: Ordinary Edge: Corrugated Condition: Ordinary ..

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XADO Online Store : this department presents the big variety of auto goods. If you have a car and if you want to make it better, you ought to visit this section. Take a note that here you can not only buy some auto goods but have a look on some popular articles, such as XADO technology for petrol engine. It is the newest working out sphere restore of surface of engine and running gear without the stripping gear. Many goods for different parts and machineries of car are presented in this section.

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